[Black Panther]

Pounding afro cyber beat. Keys. weed.internet activists. eternal lyricism. New Black Panther; the audio track for supposed revolution.

[All the Stars]

Cue reefer and play.  Who is this fly white girl? Oh its Sza singing. not really what sure about this. Maybe that says more about how accents are coded. Enjoyable. Love island SZA though.


Is this a concept album? Dosen’t matter shit bumps. Saudi brushes against mumble rap and speaking in tongues. Reefer vibe. Content matter makes me think this was funded by evil white people. 2 Chains turns it into a serious country nigger affair. This is the one for the clubs. Not much substance; dosen’t have to be.

[The Ways]

More than hyped for Swae Lee. Fucking classic. New challenger has appeared. I don’t know if these men are woke or feminist enough to have this be an ode to black women. But Ill take it as such. Flower power jukebox jams. Swae Lee go solo. You already in your own universe melody wise. How does this empower black people again?


is so Yeesuz Christ Superstar. most lit. West side kid Vince staples. Hits hard, to all Kendricks enemies. Yugen Blakrok Brings the UK grime didn’t even know I needed.

[I Am]

Jorja smith just remixing soul. bland A cursory Wikipedia search shows a pouty lipped redbone… Kanye again.


Lets vibe, I wont find the answer to Tryevons death in this. Hollywood pressing play on these niggas. This shit is hard, manufactured culture. Encouraged niggatry.

[Bloody Waters]

here is the soul. song birdcaptured black fingerprints in charcoal; gun power through spoken word on trippy jungle house. ending melodies are chilling, haunting. COngrats tyouve tapped into the inner nigger muse; it is she. Yahweh.

[Kings Dead]

yes so much. “then I freaked it”. Future makes this with his lion roar. Its hard to know when a song ends or its just switching up the beat.I Wont deny Kendrick is a prophet; he speaks the words of turn up and culture at too high supernatural level. I wont disrespect you by calling you gifted. Dedication to the craft is palpable.

Interlude by silver tonged eunuch Zacari. Funky soul riff, that is what is feels like to be a funky woke black alien at a club in Toronto. Off Augusta off and its a poster of Rhianna. Rude viiibes. The shawty is lightskinned- not that I have a preference.

Christ!! Babes WUdomo gives us straight tongues. I am so hyped for this movie.


Wow, that was fresh.syntax lost in reggae rhythms. Too authentic dripping. I love this. Much vibe on this, put some respect on this collection of black excellence and outta space dreams.

[Big Shot]

I realize now I am in Wakanda. The reefer has hit me hard. I am Kung fu Kenny, and the top dawg @ top dawg. I dig this this migos flow. White bodies are gentiles kendrick.

[Pray for Me]

coherent now. gotta check the bus. Weeknd yes. i am dancing an afriqn queen. Wow should explore that. This album is mazing compilation of the black experience, auditory experience. The Jury’s out , but I think this is a win for the panthers.

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