Shout out to vulture kid from Toronto. Somebody gave an old funky nigga a mic. Not to speak disrespectfully of Quincy Jones. The man made thriller. Interview linkThe arts and queerness. Expression. Too many theories about the white man making us gay. To much hate for queerness in the community. Examples such as Lord Jamar. That redbone from Vlad, pause.

Quincy says he bought weed from Malcom X. I believe, that he bought weed from Malcom Little.

You can’t stop black boi magic! You can’t take my stregth I be flower boi! Remember as a child listening to Thriller for the first time. Black boy essence captured forever. Dad’s vinyl in the living room; DO NOT SCRATCH.

This man was is 85 years old. He was alive in 30’s. The accomplishments this nigga has seen. Only in the negro, can one start from the bottom, and end up as Marlon Brando’s bottom.

It’s okay to be a queer black man bro. Sorry that musicians nowdays don’t know chords. That shit is important. But let’s not discredit the poetry that does codeine filled bars hold. Kidding kids, stick to weed.

If I ever grow up to this old and black let me hold such stories. To be wise father lion of the tribe.

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