You speak so nicely. I have been told, by many a white teacher. Rewarded for my grammar and devilish niggerish wordplay.

You speak so whitely. I have been told, by many a nigga who didn’t like my upturned nose and honeyed words.

Speak your truth. Numb the pain with purple drink, reefer, or by plugging into the web. Auto correct ain’t nothing but self censorship.

Attention old heads, mumble rap is the return of crooning. LA Reid said “{Future} is soul music.” Trust thy instinct. Inner nigger.

Are the whites supporting mumble rap because they want to see the death of black intellectualism? No doubt. But we can’t can’t not  do something solely on the basis of blue eyed devils also enjoying it.

Moderation I say. Let these young ones speak in tongues, but an appreciation of the past is important. Know yourself.

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