It’s a Wakanda state of rhythm. LEst we forget, I now give homage to the negro marketing scheme that is Black Panther.

Some nigga wearing a cat suit; wonder if he could’ve loaned it to Treyvon?

There’s an African drum in the corner that you aren’t supposed to touch. Most of the time you wouldn’t notice, but if you put a few of these drops on your gummss…

Enter the black experience. Cue Wallance all grown up.

Black Americans represent evil, thank you so much for the this Disney.. /sarcasm

interesting how the nigga who wants to empower other black people is the villain.

Beautiful Dark skinned Lupita, and Michone from walking dead. Moonlight turned to flesh, full lips, athletic frame.

We don’t see those kind of bodies on camera.

If I had a nickel for every time black stories we’re told by black people, I would be as broke as most niggas.

Congrats Wakanda, you’ve madea billion Dollars.

Post hype, will watch this again. Goddamn I love blk

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