You know that feeling when you can see a racoon riding an alligator and realize your in Florida?

There is too much heat these days. Humidity. Niggas don’t even coconut oil at this point,  just rub up against a fine ting like the work video….

Black boy, white voice.

Childish returns with the the second season of his magnus Opus Atlanta.

Diversity hire of 2017, Donald returns to the show abrest of a shower of awards from white people who watched community, and have a higher networth than most black creatives.

Not to get on a rant though.

Does this opener live up to the hype? Sure

It’s a rapidfire rollercoaster through black culture. Dope reference to Azealia Banks spiritually fucking chickens on Instagram live.

Recently read an article of Donald where he claimed to be the best black….

Sad to hear your heroes loose themselves.

You aren’t great Donald, everything you do is a result of the blacks who came before who tore down walls. Calling yourself the ‘golden child of the black community’.. Jesus fuck, he’s become lightskinned.

I’ll tune in next ep probably. This season looks like it will have a rough urban edge. PErfect mix of new black intellectualism stoner shenaningans.

tours w Rae Srem

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