Tell me crackers, which version of me would you like best >>> > ?


not much light in this closet.

Why is this beige boy getting the most speaking in a play called black boys?

Okay enter in Buddies in Bad Times.


Desdemona has my tickets ready to go. Of course she does. I remember when we went to see Moonlight how she cried. shit was mortifying.

We’re early. The bartender points at the pictures of the cast on the wall.

“I saw something with him once, it was called faggott in African I think.”

Des puts a placating hand on my shoulder. “Africa isn’t a country!” I let him know.

Toronto theatre is super self referencial. I get that we all live in the 6 but do all out stories have to revolve around that?

Black bodies moving in darkness. Gayness explored. Pause. Can’t say that I didn’t hear dialogue that represented my truths.

Can’t say that the homophobia that runs through our community didnt rear it’s ugly head.. Its okay OEX, you are new black now. The whites tolerate this sort of love, encourage it even.

But that dosen’t mean you can’t love who you love. Des is crying again.

Applause. Damn good shit, are those tears or Jizz?

Would recommend.

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