Know some young niggas love to swang. Sex positivity. Black intellectualism for post-millenial xaned out youth. Rae Sremmurd is all none of these yet so much more.

No lie, when I discovered these beige twins via “No Flex Zone” i thought they were one hit wonder. But them hooks kept coming.


………from thePirateBay this morning.

Been hyped as a three part album in the style of everybody releasing music nowadays. Such are the stream wars.

Skips directly to Swaecation.

VIBES raTing

Dafuq? The R & B of it is too jarring. Where is the rapping? Need to listen to this album properly, back to the start.

BARS. And more bars. Two gangster kids with potty mouths. Really into this. Nothing but hits, and best use of the Pokemon Travvis Scott ever on CLOSE.  Rae Sremmurd used turn up! Critical Hit!

Bedtime Stories is sex filled nursery rhyme. Sure to wet the bed with vaginal discharge.


Powerglide is fly af. Heartless African riff from Swae, obviously fresh from his Wakanda feature.

Oh, big ballin’ like Mutombo

 Guatemala on repeat like a groupie who only hablo español. Smash for sure. Normally I don’t advocate chasing a “hit sound” Swae still in his prime.

Black BEatles V2. Once again, promised fulfilled. Solidified as the greatest hip hop duo of circa post 2010. Migos ain’t got this kind of consistency. Rock N Rock Hall of Fame. 


Jimmy made this. His slightly higher levels of melanin allows him to access southern flows deeper. The ignorant shit that makes these songs bang.

There’s a Future feature where that nigga sounds coherent; all that I’ll say.

Hurt to Look Is some shit where you meet a girl at Coachella, but then find out it was Justin Bieber afterwards. Barefoot shrooms record.

Like his baby momma, I recently grew to love Jim. Cap officially makes him my fav mumble rapper. these nigga ain’t playing; true thug in the music industry.

crooner vibes on Changed Up. WHo knew a country bird had so much backwood?


these two work best as duo. current best album of summer.

subject matter ain’t deep. But life as beige rockstar isin’t hard. new age Kriss Kross.


Won’t bring back Michael Brown, but part of me believes they play this album in the big cookout in the sky where young niggas roam.


5/5 Black Power Fists. Height of all things nigga and black excellence. Legend has it these two gentlemen are still turning up to this day. Tours w Gambino

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