Azealia Banks is back, looking she spent her best years in the sunken place.

Catch her on the Breakfast Club, or beefing on twitter as usual.

Chocolate Rapunzel don’t need no man in her life, but she could use a music executive.


Monique deserved that money from Netflix.

Hip hop undervalues our ebony queens.

“Coast to coast, stash the gat in holster girl
Dark skinned, Christian Dior poster girl”
“It’s like I’m in my own fuckin world, I speak how I feel
Sometimes I feel like I’m just too fuckin real”

Spoken word is black girl magic.

The black feminist rebel has not always been welcomed. Two offences in one.

Then Beyonce made it mainstream to be fierce again.

I remember a girl from the 212 who never stopped.

Might’ve lost her way with a few times. Sure Zayn Malik looks like the boston bomber, but it’s in poor taste to mention it.

When the race war comes, we’re gonna need soldiers. Not suicide blackers.

Stop getting in your own way. The whites have let u hit the Billboard charts again.



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