Kathy Griffin Formally Charged with Inciting a Riot

NN mini doc –

At the white house, comedienne Kathy Griffin entertained President Trump and associates in a private event. The show; a state mandated performance, after Kathy posted a viral video inciting violence towards the commander in chief.

In the wee hours of the night, Kathy and Trump retired to the oval office. The president utilized his classic handshake / pussy grab maneuver . Staffers described Griffin as,  “basically down; definitely turnt enough not to remember.”

This is why you freeze your eggs

Upon manual inspection, Trump discovered Griffin to be menstruating. Justifiably grossed out, he demanded fellatio instead. Things proceeded as usual, until Griffin bit off Trump’s member mid stroke.

Red touch red, world’s worst head

Decapitated member in mouth, she made a live Skype call to CNN. In the broadcast Griffin called for women everywhere to, “stop taking raw dogs from the patriarchy.” She then swallowed the presidential cock.

Bitches across the country are giving killer head. Trump remains in critical condition. Griffin is still on the run.

Nigga News advises men to refuse blow jobs from women known to be social justice warriors. Wives, side chicks, and even basic ass hoes are becoming woke. In impromptu marches, women everywhere have taken the streets, demanding equality or something.

RIP Gurzilla

After the Secret Service issued a nationwide APB on her, Griffin took to the web to let fans know she’s doing just fine.

Bite the dick that oppresses you


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