Lil Wayne dedicates Carter V to Chicago PD

—-NAACP Tribue Reports

Bottom bitch to Birdman Lil Wayne has finally had enough. “It’s time for them to stop killing in the streets” croaked Weezy. While addressing the graduating class at Harvard Law, the faded rapper turned political.

Rattling off a handful of fake statistics he called for change. Action. Then proceeded to pledge a $1,000,000  donation to the Chicago Police’s arms department.

Did he even watch The Help?

“These pigs are scared, that’s why they’re shooting. We need to make them feel safe. Guns make me safe. Bullet proof vests make me safe! Carter five baby!”

His soon to drop album, will feature art work by Chicago based street performers.

Lil-Wayne-2010-04-08-300x30019 (1)
immortalized in art

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