NiggaNews.Ca Goes Live

NN- Update

The media conglomerate Nigga News has finally launched. NiggaNews.Ca . For years operating as a network of loosely associated content outlets. Now backed by a Toronto based angel equity firm. The initial private IPO provided $10,000 with a clause allowing growth upwards of six-figures.

Founder Jordy Kieto had moved Toronto chasing dreams. Literally the black Annie version of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Dreams of finding stardom in the six cultivated from years of Drake playlists. After failing to find success as a performer, he then turned to white women and reporting.

Still on that Edmonton Netflix

Controversial subject matter has invited numerous attacks. Terrorists organization and governments the like have attempted to silence the site. Previously a WordPress, now boasts Geneva insured encryption technology. Backed by two terabytes of web ram.

Kieto  remains the majority shareholder of NiggaNews and subsidiaries, but his royalties will remain in escrow until 6748% in ad revenue is created. Under the umbrella of The Moorish Collective, the company has acquired a base of operations. In a discreet corner of downtown Toronto. Less than a dozen workers form the backbone of one of the web’s most promising startups. Giving you that real nigga shit.


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