Police Chief Implicated in Shooting Video

NN Reports

At approximately midnight, Minneapolis Police officers arrived at the home of Justine Damond. Austrian national, and fiancee to American Don Damond. The two met via a mail-order bride website, and it was love at first acceptance of funds.

Green Card

Fifteen minutes later, Damond was dead. Ten bullets to the abdomen, and three to the pelvis wrecking what was once a smoking hot bod. The shooter ; officer Mohamed TheMoor.

TheMoor’s partner then turned to him and exclaimed, “She wasn’t even black!

Minneopolis PD has him in custody. Anonymous sources have forwarded a shocking video. In it, TheMoor is seen balls deep in victim Damond. Three days before the shooting.


Even more shocking was the person holding the camera; Chief Janeé Harteau.

NN forwarded the video to Minneapolis Police Department. Within hours, it spread through the ranks, eventually landing on the desktop of Harteau herself.


Conflict of interest apparent, the Chief resigned amidst much speculation.

Don Damond addressed the controversy in a press conference.

“The things that monster did to her are unforgivable.  We demand remuneration for the damages inflicted to her. Doggy style, reverse cowgirl, and anal. Things no white woman should be subjected to. Her body wasn’t made for 11 inches.”

Cockhold from the other side

Investigators have confirmed they consider Harteau a suspect. Time will tell whether the video was an amateur porno flick, or the opening scene to Cabin in The Hood. Regardless, expect Melissa Mccarthy to play lead.

Needs a Donut


One things for certain, this bitch got OJ‘d.

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